Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant?

The digital marketing consultant pictured is speaking to a client ina meeting while working on a computer. They are likely explaining the results of a recent campaign or discussing a new strategy. This image illustrates the consultant's dedication to their clients and their willingness to work hard to get results.

What is a digital marketing consultant and what do they do?

A digital marketing consultant is a marketing professional who helps businesses plan and execute a digital marketing strategy that allows their business to grow by utilizing the internet and online resources. They work with businesses to create an effective online presence and help them reach their target audience through various digital channels, such as search engine optimization (SEO) which may include website design, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.

Digital marketing consultants are experts in the field of marketing and have a deep understanding of how the digital world works. A good consultant will be up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies and can help businesses stay ahead of the competition by leveraging these trends. They should also be highly aware of the timeless techniques and strategies that are foundational to the success of your business.

The main difference between a digital marketing consultant and a traditional marketing consultant is that a digital marketing consultant is focused on helping businesses grow online, whereas a traditional marketing consultant may focus on more offline marketing strategies, such as print or television advertising. A consultant that focuses on digital marketing is a huge asset to any business that wants to compete effectively in the digital age. The internet creates a much more level playing field than television or radio which makes it much easier for a small business to be successful. But this is only the case if your business put some effort into their online presence.

The hand is writing a list of useful digital marketing skills for a small business. These include lead generation, content marketing, email marketing, seo, crm, search ads, social media marketing, and onboarding. These are very important skills for a small business and hiring a digital marketing consutant could save you money while still making use of these valuable skills.

Digital marketing consultants typically have a strong understanding of SEO, social media, and email marketing. They use this knowledge to help businesses reach their target audience through various online channels. Digital marketing consultants also have a deep understanding of how the digital world works and can help businesses stay ahead of the competition by leveraging trends and technologies.

Actually understanding how the internet works is vital to being successful online. It’s not enough to just have a website; people need to find it and trust you to fulfill their need or want. This is what makes marketing so important in the digital world. You need to be able to generate traffic to your website and convert that traffic into sales or leads. So understanding how search engines work, how people discover products and services onlone, and knowing how your target audience uses the internet greatly improves your ability to develop an effective online strategy.

Developing an online strategy is highly important to be successful online. But it is something that takes a significant amount of time and effort to do effectively. Knowing what your business does and how your business does it is one thing. But communicating to the world why your business exists and why people should believe and trust your business is something entirely different. And with the world becoming more connected this increases competition making this task even more important for success.

The best digital marketing consultant will be able to tell the story of your business in a way that is both believable and trustworthy. They will grab the attention of people who need your business and convey why you are best suited to meet their need. A good online strategy finds people with a need you can fill and connects them to your business. There are many ways to connect online making it possible to connect with almost anyone in the world. But the most important thing is to make that connection with people who will actually use your product or service.

It is easy to get lost online. There are a lot of people fighting for your attention on the internet. And some companies spend millions of dollars trying to get your attention. This makes it harder for people to see you and makes it easy to get lost in the shuffle. This is why a digital marketing consultant can be so important. They understand the digital landacape and how to navigate it. They know how to get your business in front of the right people and make sure you are seen by the people who need what you offer.

How do you know if your business needs digital marketing consulting

There are a few key indicators that suggest your business could benefit from the guidance of a digital marketing consultant.

If you’re not seeing the results you want from your current digital marketing efforts, it may be time to seek out professional help. A digital marketing consultant can review your current strategy and help you identify areas that need improvement. They can also offer advice on how to better reach your target audience and measure your results.

If you don’t have the time or resources to invest in digital marketing, a consultant can provide the expertise and manpower you need to get started. They can also handle all of the implementation and management for you, so you can focus on running your business. Many businesses are in this boat or realize their current presence online just doesn’t measure up to the competition. Having a poor online presence is a bad position to be in and it can make you feel like you are hurting your own reputation. This is very different from no online presence. Both require the assistance of a digital marketing consultant.

If you think there is a big opportunity to grow in your market but aren’t sure how to capitalize on it, a good consultant can help you create and execute a plan to take advantage of the opportunity. Using the internet in this area can also be a great way to reduce your costs for expansion of services or products.

Benefits of working with a digital marketing consultant

There are many benefits of working with a digital marketing consultant. Especially as a small business owner you may be concerned if there is a good financial return on investment (ROI) when outsourcing this type of work. The average salary of a digital marketing consultant ranges from $68,000 per year to $117,000 per year. The salary can easily go up to $160,000 per year with skill and experience. This means having one on staff can easily cost you upwards of $13,000 a month. This is far more than what most small businesses want to pay for digital marketing, so instead of hiring one full time there is a huge savings by outsourcing that expertise without adding to your payroll. Not to mention when this is outsourced you often get a team instead of just one consultant.

With a skilled consultant outsourced to your team you can focus on your core business. A digital marketing consultant can provide an objective and unbiased opinion on your business’s marketing activities. Ideally they will be able to show you how you can leverage your competitive strengths to take advantage of trends whole presenting your company to the world in a way that wins new customers.

The most important skill that a digital marketing consultant can bring to your business is the ability to think outside of the box. Marketing today requires creativity and innovation to stand out in an ever-growing sea of content. Digital marketing is very much a data driven process. And while a good consultant will also be able to analyze your data and give you actionable insights that you can use to improve your campaigns. A great consultant will be able to do that and while using creativity to make your campaign engaging.


A good consultant will have a deep understanding of the digital world and how it works. This saves you from having to learn a whole new skill set and industry. And as it was hinted before the best consultants often come with a team of professionals highly skilled in every thing from graphic design and videography to web development and coding. So not only will you have someone to think outside the box, but you’ll also have a team to make your vision come to life.

How a digital marketing consultant can help your business succeed online

Your own personal consultant can be a huge advantage as a small business owner. In large corporations marketing is a handled by a whole department with several employees working under a director. As the business owner, you would be the director. But in a small business, you may not have the time or budget to hire an entire team. This is where outsourcing can save you money and help your business succeed.

A digital marketing consultant will provide a cost effective way to get the same resources and services of an in-house marketing team without the high price tag. As a small business you are much more agile than your larger competitors. You can quickly adapt to changes and new trends in your industry. A consultant will help you take advantage of this by being able to change your marketing strategy on the fly to stay ahead of the curve. This will allow you to seize opportunities and increase revenue and brand awareness while your competitors results fade.

There are many strategies you are able to use as a small business that larger companies cannot. You can get personal with your customers in a way that a large company cannot. You can also take more risks without the loss of revenue like larger businesses. One example of this would be starting a social media campaign around a new products or services you want to test. Your audience is able to give you real-time feedback which can guide the new offering. No matter what it is a win scenario for a small business that large businesses have a hard time taking advantage of.

What to look for in a consultant

The most important thing to find in a consultant is someone who understands and believes in your vision. If they are not bought in from the beginning then it will be difficult to trust their judgement or get them to truly understand what you are looking for. The best way to find a great consultant is through referrals. But the best way to know you found the right one is through your personal interaction. Your vision is always your own, but it is a huge asset to find a professional who is able to add to your vision and make it come to life.

When looking for a consultant for your business it is also important to consider their team. Do they have a group of experts in different fields that can take on any challenge you present them? Are they up to date with the latest trends and technologies? Do they understand your industry and have a network of contacts that can help get your name out there? All these factors are important to consider when looking for the right consultant team.

There are some consultants that focus on one industry and others that are skilled in multiple industries. There are advantages to both; it just depends on what you are looking for in a consultant. If you are in a very technical industry it may behoove you to find someone who specializes in your field because their will be less research needed from your consultant. But if you are in a less competitive industry, or are starting up a new business, then finding a team with a more diverse skill set and network may be the better to help you get your name out to others who can help grow your business. No matter what you are looking for, doing your research and taking your time to find the right team is vital to the success of your business.

The availability of any marketing consultant is also important to consider. They should be available when you need them and have the bandwidth to take on your project. Having a consultant with a lot of clients may be an indication that they are good at their job, but they may not have a lot of time for your job. But no matter how big or small your project is, you should always feel like a priority to your consultant.

Transparency is another key ingredient when finding the right marketing consultant. A great team will be upfront and honest about their prices, what they can provide, and what results you can expect. They understand that trust is important in any business relationship and no matter how good they are no company or consultant is perfect. So if you happen to find a conailtant that seems to have no weaknesses then you have probably found a consultant who won’t be honest with you. They should be realistic in the results they can provide and give you options on how to best spend your marketing budget.